The Project

Proposed Features of the Preferred Replacement Terminal Concept

  • Two-Story Structure – second level primarily office space used by:
    • Airlines
    • TSA
  • Configuration Provides Facilities for 14 Gates
  • Improved Centralized Functions:
    • Ticketing
    • Passenger Security Screening
    • Baggage Screening
    • Baggage Make-up
    • Baggage Claim
  • Public Auto Parking Garage Located to Maximize Convenience
    • Provides a Central Location for Valet Parking
    • Provides 3,600 to 4,000 Parking Spaces
  • Convenient Terminal Access:
    • Terminal Access Roadway
      • Primary Entrance and Exit from Hollywood Way at Winona and Secondary Access from San Fernando Road
    • Terminal Curb Front areas:
      • Private Auto (3 lanes)
      • Commercial (2 lanes)
    • Terminal Recirculation Roadway (2 lanes)
  • Other Support Facilities
    • Relocated Air Cargo Building
    • GSE/Maintenance Building
    • New Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) Station



Development Review Application Packages
Submitted to the City of Burbank

Adjacent Property (The preferred option)download
The attached proposed plan is representative of how the Adjacent Property full-size terminal option could look. The Airport will hold at least six public charrettes in the City of Burbank to discuss the elements of the replacement passenger terminal and the new parking structures.